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Weight Loss In Pregnancy

In pregnancy when just getting out of bed can be a challenge so exercise might seem out of the question. But staying active has lots of benefits both during your pregnancy and when it comes to giving birth. And if you were a regular gym bunny before you got pregnant, we've got tips on how to exercise safely in pregnancy.
If you are PREGNANT or you have just had a baby, here's how to regain your figure:
Wait at least 4 weeks until your body has fully recovered.
Eat as healthily as you can.
Meantime, learn about nutrition and devise a gradual exercise plan.
Then follow a low-fat HEALTHY DIET- about 1600 daily calories.
If you're breast-feeding don't eat less than 1800 daily calories.
Be patient, let nature take it's course and you'll regain your previous figure in no more than 5-6 months. A little longer if you're breast-feeding.

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