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Weight Loss Tips for Women

You Need Incentives to Lose Weight:

Because dieting can be a pain in the butt,

we women need as many incentives as possible.

e.g. fur coat, diamond necklace...

If you can persuade Mr. Man to cough up

the odd diamond all well and good.

If not, you need to generate a

few incentives by yourself.

A good start is to measure yourself all over.

Measure your bust, waist, hips,

thighs and upper arms.

Make a note of these

super-secret statistics,

lock them in your safe,

then have a stiff drink.

(You'll probably need one)

Then, each fortnight or month,

re-measure yourself.

Each ½ inch lost will do wonders

for your motivation.

Throw Away Your Weighing Scales:

Scales invariably bring us bad news.

They are a sort of nasty, spiteful messenger.

Solution? Shoot them!

Okay, you can't shoot them,

but you can throw them away.

So do it!


No more bad news.

No more disappointments.

No more hysteria.

A new approach

Forget about what you weigh and instead,

concentrate on improving your eating habits

This isn't as dumb as it sounds.

You see a scales makes you


Like - 'how much do I weigh THIS week?'

Whereas, you should be thinking



'How much am I going to weigh in three months.'


'I'm going to slowly change my figure and

my life. Even though this may take a while.'

Be Prepared for the First Year of Marriage:

On average, women put on more weight

during their first year of marriage

than at any other time in their adult life.


They dine out a lot.

They entertain a lot.

They receive lots of dinner invitations.

And so on.

Just married?

Then don't make the same mistake!

Don't let yourself go, too quickly.

There's plenty of time for that.


1. Learn how to cook healthy food.

2. Train your partner to do the same.

3. Live shapely, ever after.

To put it simply

Don't ruin the lovely figure you had

on your wedding day.

Because when it goes,

it takes your peace of mind with it!

For an Instant Leaner Body:

Wear Black!

Don't wait till someone dies

before you wear black.

Black makes everyone look leaner and slimmer.

If you hate black, or if you're blonde,

choose another dark color

and wear it top and bottom.

You'll look leaner, instantly.

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